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Well, that's one down

So Kanye " I am GOD" West. Is a Donald "Babyfart" Trump, supporter. Go figure........... However, "GOD" didn't vote for "Babyfart". Why, well God couldn't be bothered, to go to the polls. To mix with riff raff......


"You complain of averse comments but I feel you in actuality don't really care and it's your way of gaining sympathy along with attention. It's no different than you being vague as fawk on here.Grow some balls already and save us the gay boy drama. Get to the point or shut this chyte DOWN. 

So the above one of the Negative comments.
As you see it was sent anonymously.
Go figure.....
Clearly they are not educated, or choose to play a Moron.
I didn't publish it in the Comment the section.
But thought it needed to be shown, as to some of the hate that gets sent.

As many of the positive comments have said.
THis isn't about SPECIAL RIGHTS.
It's about Equal rights.
In fact the whole point of the Original POst.
Was/Is to celebrate a special time for two people.



To those that have asked to keep the site up.
Which is 99.9%.
Many thanks and blessings.
For your kind words and thoughts.
There are still a couple of "Nighs".
But as you see I posted them too.
In fact if you watch this site, 
for a small amount of time.
You will have seen that I post,
 Almost every comment.
But it those that think Equal Rights aren't perhaps the most important of all rights.
Then you are in for a "Bloody Shock"
Of such proportions, you'll be happier to go live in Russia than to stay in the USA.
These right wing monsters, are out for your blood and anything else you may have left.
Read about Hitler and his mob of cronies.
In fact in the present day, 
we have progressed so far 
(ha ha). 
That you only have to. 
Switch on your 75" flat screen TV.
Turn off The Kardashains, 
turn on the BBC World News.
You'll see.
Ask your Grandparents.
People over 50 they'll tell you.
I also suggest you seek out why America was formed.
For people to be FREE of t…