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Ok I have said this before

As countries and States, begin to re open. We already seeing the infection rates rise. I know, the powers that be say. "It's important to restart the economy" Well, I do see their point. But, if we do... Then, people start dying on mass again. THERE WON'T BE ANY FUCKING ECONOMY. Because the poor people. Who do the work. Will be dead. Then where will "THEY". Get their ever increasing wealth from JUST A THOUGHT...


Yes, Marmmmmmm

Happy Monday

Won't make it to Autumn.....

This is Rebecca Mostow. She's a Hollywood advisor. Who worked for Prince, The Beckhams .. So Meghan, has hired her to be the PR Guru. Who, to be tasked with, sorting out. The mess that is them in LA. While I wish her well......... She won't last past the "FALL".