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TOLD YA, PATTINSON says" Bye Bye" Twigs..... Here we go again........ September 23, 2014 So many of you are asking, in the comment section of other predictions. About this.. Robert Pattinson dating some Pop Singer called "Twigs" Seems they were spotted holding hands,  in Venice Beach. (Just up the road for from me) Anyway..... Some of you have also reminded  me that I predicted the Robbie Boy. Would this year meet the  "ONE". True I did. I still do. Just not this one. This is another PR event. If you remember I also said. That th e one wouldn't be in the public eye,  more behind the scenes. Before you write, to tell me why would he does this. It's not what he wants. It's what his "PR" team say. What the "PR" team says goes. That's why it's called " SHOWBUSINESS "

2 + 1 invite...... wet wipes supplied

Well, if you think the "HARVEY"  thing is finished. Oh no.................... Babyfart................ is peeing his pants. WHY????????????? Well, BF is worrying that the details and/or pics of  "THOSE PARTIES" Will be found. Not that they are lost just in a safe somewhere....... Bet Arnie's sweating too. he he he

BF Hump Day Meme of the day

Latest "PISSING CONTEST".......

Babyfart aka Trump has declared,  that his IQ is bigger than Tillersons. Well, either way they both,  need the Hubble Telescope to see... Which ever head they are talking about. In any case they are both thick as pig shit. Tillerson, going, going....GONE.......