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TOLD YA......HRH Prince Philip in Hospital, May 10, 2010
Tea with Lillibet for Gary.........
Seems "Take That" boy band member  Gary Barlow.
Has been rubbing elbows, with the Queen.
The real one.
(Not those that manage boy bands).
She wants him to be her party planner.
For two big events.
Her 82nd birthday in 2011.
The other her Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Hope her QE2's hubby makes it that far. Hubby's health needs to be watched at Xmas.
I smell a knighthood. For Gary.  Or at least an OBE for starters.... 

Posted by Psychic Gossip at Monday, May 10, 2010


This is Donna's Dream House  a wonderful place in my home town  of Blackpool in England. It is where terminally ill children and their families can go to have some fun. Many children from all over were planning to go this Christmas. But some  FUCKING BASTARDS  decided to not only rob and trash the place. These  ARSEHOLES  then set the  Dream House  on fire. So now these children and their families can't go. Please if you can go to the website and see if you can help them. Or call here's the address and number 21 Chapel Street  Blackpool FY1 5AW,  Lancs. United Kingdom Tel 01253752222

That old sinking feeling..........

Piers "Lardyface" Morgan. Seems to be getting into ever deeper water. He's had to testify in the phone hacking scandal  in the UK. Well he may think he's in the clear. But it is going to get even deeper the water Piers. Better start taking swimming lesson. Mind you, you are bloated enough both  in body and ego. So maybe you will just float through it. But 2012 for The Sun/NOTW newspaper will  be really troubling as police arrest  more and more  journalists and "Pals"