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Showing posts from June 2, 2010

Not a normal posting.....

Today I watched the Oprah Show, with Sarah The Duchess of York. OK so The Duchess has been an idiot. But this woman has balls. Many people have told her not to talk etc etc. But she did, no hiding away. I think it was the best thing she could have done. If the Royals looked after their own, of which she once was one. Of which her children still are. Then none of this would have taken place. Not that I am excusing her behavior, but it sure as hell, goes along way to explaining it. As for the "Friends" that recommended, that so called "Journalist" As a credible business man. ( He stole a real business mans identity,
hopefully the real business man,
will sue the journalist)
Need to be taken to task also. Personally I think that this is the best thing, that could have happened to the Duchess. As now she has a clean slate. Ironic how as this comes out, the Queen asks for a rise in her income. Maybe she could give Sarah a hand. But I doubt she will. Remember in the early part of the last ce…