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Out of the Woods.......

There are rough times ahead for actor  Elijah Woods. He may want to check who his real friends are. As one of them is about to talk to the tabloids. With pics........

Told Ya He's not going to stop.. Tuesday, December 24, 2013 2014 PREDICTIONS. CHRISTIAN DION The Seer's 2014 Predictions  Were written while staying  by  Cayuga Lake  Upstate New York,  just down the road from the entrance to  The Twilight Zone. (Completed Dec 19th 2013) 36                                                  Putin. He’s in a really rough time over 2014 and needs to be careful that he doesn't get stabbed in the back by his closest allies.

We are really stupid..

Today I was asked if I believed in Aliens.
(I get asked that all the time)
But today I think I must be a little over sensitive.
I just watched the news.
The Ukraine.
Starving children in the US.
When are we going to learn to take care of each other.
Rather than killing each other.
See as long as we continue on the path we are on.
The Aliens just laugh, shrug their shoulders,
 and leave.
"This lot don't pose a problem, they are too busy destroying each other"
You know, they are right.

She's back.......

Simon Cowell has re-hired Cheryl Cole. For the X Factor UK, for £1.5m. He must be desperate. Well this will be the kiss of death for the show.