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A Day closer ......

Superbowl Sunday...........  This Sunday Feb 5th,  from midnight to 1am Monday 6th Feb.  United Kingdom time. East Coast time 7pm-8pm. Sunday. West Coast time 4pm-5pm. Sunday. I will be "LIVE" on The Unexplained,  with Howard Hughes. Details on the above links.

TOLD YA, Nazi play book

Told Ya, Getting closer..
Thursday, January 26, 20173,2,1........... So which one of the Babyfarts wives,  will bring him down? One of the two ex's or the "Present" . Well, all of them.......... Once one of them decides to be honest. the walls will come tumbling down....... Mrs Babyfart from 1977-1991
Mrs babyfart from 1993-1999
 Mrs babyfart from 2005-

TOLD YA, TIming not always easy ... 2015 Predictions Composed between               Nov 14th  noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.

Terrible terrorist attacks in..
London (Harrods) 
Paris (Louvre) 
Even Scotland will come under attack.
Granted recently they have caught, some of these plots before they could be  carried out. But they sadly can't catch them all.

Trip up longer than trip down....

Actor Jonah Hill, is in very real danger. Of showing the World,  what an arsehole he really is. If he doesn't stop hitting the bottle and whatever. But, he's not going to listen to me. He seems to think that the women like him ha ha. He doesn't get it's the FAME......