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TOLD YA It was a GIRL, almost a year to the day beofre the birth.
Saturday  June 2nd 2012Jiggle bells won't be ringing So super tart Kim Kardashian and her latest beau Divo Kanye West. Are to sell their LA houses and move in together. Hope thay aren't planning to buy a Christmas tree.Unless the silly bitch decides to get pregnant by this loser, for Xmas. 
Well then God Help the World. Posted by at Saturday, June 02, 2012

For those that have asked..........

TOLD YA GOLDENBALLS better take note............ Sunday, December 2, 2012 A picture says it all. Gordon Ramsey has conned,  er asked  David "Goldenballs"Beckham  to join him in opening a restuarant in London. Oh Dear.. Big flop. Victoria if you see this get the hubby  to tear up the contract NOW. Retirement from soccer soon 2013/14. Posted by at Sunday, December 02, 2012

Just when you thought........

Demi Moore is planning revenge... I knew she had been quiet for way too long. The divorce from Ashton Kutcher. 
Mustn't be going as planned. She's threatening, according to rumours. To release photos of AK's willy. I also hear that Bruce Willis,
will be supplying the magnifying glasses.