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Showing posts from November 16, 2017

WTF.. what a PRICK....

As if there was anything else Babyfart could surprise you with.He goes and does it....He lifts the ban on Elephant trophy products.Been imported to the USA.This is so beyond reprehensible.But as “WE” all know.Elephants DO NOT FORGET.I do hope he like the nightmares.That this post will send him.FUCKING SHITHEAD....

Is it just me, or ????

I know I have mentioned Nicky Minaj before. Plus can’t say I’m a fan.
But I saw her pc on the TV. I just got the terrible feeling. 
That she needs to change her behavior.
If not today tomorrow.
If she doesn’t I don’t see or else her beyond, 2018.
I get the feeling that she’s progressing to very heavy,
Duty drugs.
Plus she’s mixing with some very bad people....

BF meme of the Day

What a brilliant idea..