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Told Ya.For Lillibet, anything

Friday, June 4, 2010 Will she,won't she ?????? Looks like the Spice Girls,
are planning a new album & tour.
The hic up........will Posh sign on?
I think so, it'll be a massive money maker.
If nothing else. But watch in 2012.......... Something very special. Posted by at Friday, June 04, 2010

A beautiful Star

Amai Fashanu  may all ready be a famous model But she is going be an even more  famous serious TV person. A real Lady. A class act.

Rainbows a foot........

My favourite lesbian Justin Beiber. Flew into Paris and tried to start a  new fashion trend. Duh...PARIS, is he mad. Won't catch on. Doesn't he see it makes him look even shorter........ He needs to watch that he doesn't get into trouble with the law, spring/summer 2012.