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Showing posts from March 25, 2013

THIEVES............beware The above company based in the United Kingdom. Yesterday took a food order from someone, on my credit card. It was an order for takeaway food. Which in it's self I suppose is normal business for this company. The problem however is, I didn't place the order. Reason well I live at least 8.000 miles away in Hollywood CA. My bank are of course onto it. But what really makes me angry. Is that merchants can tell at a glance where the card is from by the first  four numbers. So regardless of wether they have the card in front of them, or not. You would have thought someone would have caught it. After all the food would have been very cold by the time it got from Borehamwood in the UK, to Hollywood Ca USA,

Come on really a Joe Jonas sex tape.....ha ha

This has to be the funniest idea ever. the buzz around " Hollywierd" is that Joe Jonas has a sex tape that someone is threatening to leak. This could only be true if it was a  "Solo"  performance tape. Or an instruction tape of what not to do. But, sad to say it doesn't exist. Shame though because  if it did. You could out it on the TV,  when you want unwanted guests to leave.