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While the Baboon is away

Another BF Meme, just beacuse ha ha.....

TOLD YA.. Mein Kampf, rules in America For Entertainment purposes only, or is it ? July 11, 2015
So just as you maybe thinking. That Donald "Babyfart" Trump. Has run out of people to insult or upset. WRONG........ You are not going to believe what,  hatred and vitriol emerges from his foul mouth,  in the coming weeks. Now granted, it makes great TV. But sadly, there are those who believe,  him to be right. Remember, in the 1930's Hitler,   used much the same soundbites......

BF Meme of the Day

BF Another bonus Meme

Wannabe "King of Europe"...

Ex Prime Minister Tony "I Love Me" Blair. Is pondering creating,  a "New" Political Party in the UK. The "Democrats" ........ Now where have I heard that before... Any who...... This would be a anti Brexit... It's not going to fly........... He's made 100 million pounds  in the past 8 years. This is all about his PR............. Plus wifey appears to be up to michief too. Whats new there then. I knew her step mother in law. Pat Phoenix aka "Elsie Tanner". (She's spinning in her grave) Now she was a"Lady".