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Showing posts from March 20, 2013

So back together?.they never were together!!!

So here's the pic from March 16th,  that people are saying proves that  Robert & Kristen are a couple again. Dear sweet confused people. They never were a couple. This is a fan pic taken at the airport. Just look at the body language of Robert. It tells all.

Told Ya Explains ties Michael Heller
Thursday, January 31, 2013 Well she turned up at least... This is NY Lawyer Mark Heller. Who is now defending Lindsay Lohan. If his performance in court today. Was anything to go by. He''ll guarantee her a jail sentence. Can't wait till the next court date.

Told Ya Bobby Brown back in clinky Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Won't last a year........ Bobby Brown married Alicia Etheredge  over the weekend in Hawaii. Won't work........... Let's see how long it takes for him to get her hooked on drugs. The good news is he'll be in clinky in 2013.

Told Ya Splitsville........, July 29, 2012 Katy RUN............

Well,Well... Looks it like  Katy Perry and John Mayer  are dating. Not for long thats for sure. Katy RUN now..... Posted by at Sunday, July 29, 2012


Aaron Jackson paid $81.000 for the house across the street from the, Church of Hate. Founded by Fred Phelps,  now dead,  Thank God. address believed to be  HELL. Then Aaron painted it in the colours of the Rainbow. Way to go Aaron. The brush is mightier than the sword or the big mouth of the Phelps's

Not for long.........

Bradley Copper so called actor.
Is dating  Suki Waterhouse a 20yr old model She sure looks happy. But happy times are ahead. When she get's rid of him. By moving on to a real "A" lister,  instead of a wannbe.