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Showing posts from December 20, 2013

They'll catch this Bitch in the coming months......

She's been called the "White Widow,"  the most wanted woman in the world,  yet she's eluded police for years,  even while traveling Africa,  with four children in tow.  Samantha Lewthwaite. Well the good news is her time is nearly up. While doing my predictions for 2014. She sadly came into my mind. So although she is the last prediction,  on my list for 2014. (To be published Xmas Eve)  I thought you'd like this little taster.

3rd time not a charm........

Dennis Rodman is is North Korea to visit with Kim Jong Un. Supposedly to help train a basketball team. Well, that's the excuse. The reason is the money. DISGUSTING..... This time Dennis people will turn against you.