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TOLD YA Coming to a Town near you soon...
Thursday, April 7, 2011
Charity, should begin at home PM........ British Prime Minister 
David Cameron and 
his gang of nutters.
Have in the last few days decided that they will cut the funding to the Armed Forces as well as Education. 
To name but two,
As they say it is necessary to get the country back on it's feet.
But on Wednesday he decided to give Pakistan 650 million pounds, (about a Billion Dollars).
For education..........
Brilliant now the Pakistani terrorists can build smarter bombs.
When the riots re start in the UK.At least he'll know the reason, one hopes.

TOLD YA Just keeps getting better..... Monday, March 29, 2010 Gucci earplugs, I believe…. So the Pope says that , he won’t be intimidated, by all the criticism of his handling, of the latest sex scandal. (Wait till the 2012 sex scandal starts) Well if that doesn’t tell the World, that the Vatican never listens nothing will. This Pope is the beginning, of the end for the Catholic church. Seems to me the devil is at home, with the Holy C.

Yeah Right...........

David "Goldenballs" Beckham. Has been asked by Oscar Winner Colin Firth. To star in a movie "Secret Service". Colin wants him to play villian. Ha ha .... No way, there aren't enough acting coaches to make that happen.