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Told YA... New meaning to giving the finger...
Actress...??? Oh YES....... March 11, 2020 Sometimes it feels like stating the obvious. (Well, for me....) Yes, AH has been mentioned before. But, shes on a tear. Trying to say the her ex Johnny Depp. Assaulted her..... Really....? She is clearly reading from a different script. The She Devil that she is... When the truth is out about her. We will all see. That she is the abuser. I do hope her on/off client. Elon Musk. Had better get some iron gloves....

Feelings from across the pond..

Miley Cyrus
My heart is breaking for the lad, who opened a bar in Peckham, put every penny he had into it and then Boom.
My heart is breaking for the girl, who taught dance to disadvantaged kids in Rome, saved all her pennies to buy a ticket and then Boom.
My heart breaks for the shy boy, who had been supporting himself, as a musician for years, got his big break beginning of February, and then Boom all his gigs have been cancelled.
Aged 33 they're all having to move back to live with their parents - what's the alternative?
And so all the children of the 80's who wanted their own life are now lost. Pained and lost.
And I dont know how to blame the Tory Government - lack of investment over ten years, savage cuts, heartless policies - it's not even that that breaks my heart, what breaks my heart is that the Conservatives are mostly wealthy pubic school boys, without a finger on any kind of pulse, who don't engender any kind of trust - well not in me any…

Happy St Paddys..

TOLD YA.. and it's only Monday....