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TOLD YA.. Another naff PR Job...
Seems they don't want to be my neighbours! April 18, 2020 WTF, what a fall from the top. To the very bottom. Please don't buy this BS. This is just another Megexit posed event. Over the next few weeks. We will see more of this... How do I know it's crap you ask? Well, apart from being Psychic. I can smell a PR job, from fifty miles. She is just dragging HRH lower and lower. Don't be surprise, Meghan. If you dark night. Little grey men, in grey suits. Collect Archie & Harry. Leaving you in South LA.

Indeed they do...

Birds of a feather....

So here's some answers to questions asked. CD
"What do you think of BJ's plan & speech. ANSWER " His parents clearly wasted their money on his expensive Eton education.
Couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery"
CD " Do you believe Babyfart,
is taking hydroxychloroquine. ANSWER
NO, but I do believe, who ever makes it are his friends". KICKBACK.......
CD "Is this going to disappear like Eric Trump says?" ANSWER " Do I F**K" "To say this lot hate LGBTQ people. They sure love the Unicorns."
CD "Do you think it's safe, to send the children back to school??
"Do I hell.. When is safe for the politicians to go. Then the kids can go back"