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Final Warning, don't say you ... weren't Ha Ha

Sunday, April 26, 2015RADIO SHOW APPEARANCE gets nearer

So a friend of mine Belle Salisbury,  who has a Radio Show. Has asked me to appear on her show. (She should know better)  this Wednesday April 29th. At the above link details there. The call In number is 718 664 9091
Show Starts 7pm ET  4pm PT I'll be on for the full 90 mins. Unless the CIA throw me off.

If only it was April 1st ...

So Dave Navarro, who I see around all the time. Has hooked up with/dating,  Fox News hostess Andrea Tantaros. Who I never see,  as I don't watch Faux News. However. If I were a betting man, I'm not. I would be tempted to bet It won't get to 4th July.