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Time for just one World leader to grow a pair. Get off that Ivorychair. Time to put a STOP to the HORROR. Come on guys who's it going to be. Not Babyfart for sure. He's getting cozy with that prick, Assad...

Babyfart and Tricky Ricky.....

There ya go.

Babyfart has found another "NUT" in his barrel.

This time,

Rick "I can't remember of what I am in charge" Perry.
To head the Energy Dept.

You know the one he wants to get rid of.

In essence firing himself.

Before he gets his first pay check.

P.S. THen watch fo the 2019/20 scandal

Babyfart & Bozo Stick.........

Well, well just at you thought. That Babyfarts' barrel of "NUTS" was empty. He has a cracker of an idea. How about Carly Fiorina as, wait for it... National Intelligence Director. Now this is going to prove that both.  He, and her have no intelligence at all. #1 Babyfart for the idea. #2 Her accepting......... Another "WHITE" person, with their eyes an the dosh. You may ask where the prediction here is? Well, it's more of a "Told YA" He is not only mad, he's fucking. Destroying this country. WAKE UP AMERICA............

Pitt & the Witches

As Brangelina "Divorce" saga, goes from worse to silly. Now Angelina is listening to the "Witches",  she calls close friends. Not that I am saying witches are bad, far from it. But these two are complete and utter frauds. They make Alastair Crowley, look like the Pope. Just wait till, the truth about these comes out. It's going to be "FUN"....