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Told Ya Anullement wanted................

Thursday, August 25, 2011 In Laws......Not pleased Well not everyone thought that the Kardashian wedding was a hit. In fact the In Laws aka The Humphries thought it was  " Tacky ". I would have said " Trailer Park Chic ". But the upside is. While the "In crowd" were watching the wedding. Two million perverts were watching why Kim is famous in the first place. Her sex tape. Such class........... Bet he ends up with an anullement........... Posted by Psychic Gossip at Thursday, August 25, 2011

from Potter to Oscar, what a leap...........

Daniel Radcliffe better known as Harry Potter. Is to play 60's hero Allen Ginsberg  beat poet/playwright. In a new movie about this extraordinary character. Although I bet Daniel's Harry Potter fans  will be going to see it. But what the hell. It'll get him an Oscar for sure. Mind you his Victorian horror movie  will be a hit too.