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TOLD YA CHARLIE IS  DEAD GOD HELP US...... January 21st 2017 As you may have seen ........ This is Paula White-Cain. She's one of those mega pastors. You know. SEND ME YOUR MONEY........ So that I may live in great tax free wealth. While, you sruggle... Well, she is "Babyfarts'" Spiritual Advisor. WTF.............. He'd be better advised by Charles Manson......... (Gone soon) She's going to be bad news for the Whitehouse...... 

Monday Meme of the Day

Prayer chain for San Francisco

I ask for light and protection. To surround San Francisco and it’s people. So that the planned troubles. That those that wish to hurt. This amazing City and residents. In the coming days. Be stopped and/or fail. Please add your name and thoughts and prayer . In the comments below. We can do this. We of light are stronger that those of the dark.

Well, well, Mr Showbiz..

It seems that  Mr Ryan “ I am showbiz” Seacreast ”,  isn’t that squeaky clean. As we have been led to believe. Mind you “WE” have known that for years. A stylist has come forward to state as such. Well, there’s more to come. Personally i cant wait but he must be shaking in his Gucci slippers.