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A Thought ........

Everybodys life is under construction. Just enjoy the Detours.......

TOLD YA, We turned away, NOW........

December 31, 2015
Christian Dions’ Psychic Predictions 2016 (Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA). (Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT) 
“If we would but realize.
That Religion, is only a chair.
At the table of Faith.
That we can either have,
 a Feast of Fulfillment.
Or, a Food Fight.
There are many nasty, terrible things.
Ahead, if we don’t change the menu, 
in 2016 and beyond.
So awful in fact.
It will make the sad events, 
carried out in 2015 in the name of God, Allah etc…
Look like a chimpanzee’s tea party”. 46 GREECE. Such a bad time they had in 2015. But just as they feel that they are getting themselves back on their feet. 2016 is going to crush all that. Making problems there. Worse than anyone can see.

Jan 31st 2017

Ex Spice Girl & Xfactor judge.
MelB .
Needs to dump that bastard husband/ conman,
 of hers Stephen Belafonte.
(Classic hanger on)
He's cheating on her, as always..
If she doesn't do this in the year.
It will end really badly.

TOLD YA Mr & Mrs Beckham

Mr & Mrs Beckham April 04, 2017 Dear David & Victoria ...........
You may consider roping in your Son.
Before he does something really silly.
Or, does great harm to himself.
He's already out of control.
But, he's starting to .......
1. Mixing with the wrong crowd.
2. Beginning to believe his own PR.
3. Think he has an IQ higher than the norm it is. 
4. Believes his looks will carry him through life.