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Told Ya.Rick Perry "OUT" cheers Nasha.

Thursday, June 9, 2011 Sarah Palin isn't stupid...(but she could be the Anti Christ)
I know, I know.... You can't believe the headline. But she isn't stupid. She's dangerous........... The mischief that she is up to is this. She is collecting other right wing nut job morons. As her devoted followers. So that when the decision to choose who will be the  President & Vice President nominees  for the Republican party. She'll have a big say. She has no real intention of running herself. Even though she will kinda throw her hat into the ring. Then when she fails she can blame the  " Gotcha questions "  of the left wing media. But she will still have the support of  the right wing nut jobs " Devotees "  that hang on her every word. That's why she is dangerous. But wait till good old Texas Gov. Rick Perry throws his hat into the ring. Then she'll be "PISSED" He won't last past Jan 2012 

Told Ya Golden Balls to stay in Hollywood...., July 26, 2011
She's in the money........
Harper Seven Beckham, the new arrival in the, Beckham household. Is already in the money....... Sales of  To Kill A Mocking Bird  by Harper Lee,  after whom she is named,  are up 120% on Amazon.  Shame they didn't call her  " Mummy can sing ".
Good job Daddy will re sign to  play in LA in 2012,
 then leave at Thanksgiving.
Posted by at Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh yes he will.........

Ricky Gervias  has announced that he won't  be hosting the Golden Globes again. He's right...... What does he believe in the 
Mayan Calender  all of a sudden? Don't think so. Roll new hosts in 2013,