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Fat and getting fatter...

DOOMSDAY Clocking clicking again.

 I HAVE NOT WATCHED TV NEWS. TODAY.... WHY? Well.  Due to us not talking notice of those that know. But instead listening to the money whores. The greed bastards.... All about opening up America. We are about to see the second wave. If you didn't like the first wave. You are about to be even more pissed. What is just around the corner. Is going to see deaths.. On a scale never seen before. Who's to blame US. Why? "It's my right to do as I like. Not to wear a mask. To not social distance. I can do what I wish. I want my 401k to grow. Not shrink. Well, as the stock markets leaps. I have money for the future. GOOD LUCK. DEAD PEOPLE. Don't need money.