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Showing posts from May 16, 2010

Mommy 911 from Heidi.......

Heidi Montag called the cops,
on her mother yesterday.
After her Mum turned up unannounced,
at Heidi & Pratt's house.
Mum is concerned for her daughter.
(I don't blame her)
Now Heidi is asking,
for a restraining order against her Mum.
Heidi, you should be getting the order,
against the Pratt you live with.
This is going to turn very nasty.

From TV to Jail........

TV Chef Jaun-Carlos,
of " Calorie Commando" fame.
Is in clinky,
accused of trying to hire homeless people.
To murder someone for him.
The police know who he wanted killed.
But wait till they find,
out the others he wanted done in too.