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Showing posts from June 26, 2017

For those Down Under.....

Aussie Drug smuggler Schapelle Corby. Pictured above with her mother. In 2004 she had over 8lbs of "WEED"  in her bag.  When she arrived at a Bali airport. She claims she didn't put the drugs there. Yeah right....... "GUILTY AS SIN". Not the first time,  she had made that mistake either!!. Just  released. Let' hope the Aussie Drug Squad. Keep their eyes on her. She's hoping for a Reality Show.

Babyfart, gets his ban, well sort of....

So the Supreme Court. Has decided to allow trump to have his travel ban. Granted,  a watered down version. This will go into effect,  in the 72 hours. Well, if you thought people were upset. The last time,  he banned people. Just wait till this goes "LIVE". Complete and absolute chaos.

Lets hope the Campanologists silence the Wedding Bells

Reality ?? Star  Khole Kardashian 32,  is considering marrying,  NBA Star  Tristan Thompson 26. Well, I suppose 26 goes into 32, more than 32 goes into 26. But I wonder, if he's having,  a sex change then?