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Showing posts from March 16, 2015

Hey, Dick head, WTF SEPERATION of CHURCH and STATE...

So Rick Santorum I could be President. All round right wing GOP nut job. Has decreed that all the problems in schools. Would be solved, by placing Bibles in classrooms. WTF ...... I wonder what he would say if someone, anyone. Decreed,  "Lets put the Torah, or The Koran in classrooms" I can see him having a heart attack,  at the very thought. A COMPLETE WANKER.

Told Ya, No Bloody Contract ....
Thursday, November 6, 2014
Her Royal Hiredness.....

Well, well NBC has hired Pippa Middleton,  as an on air personality. Old Lillibet,  isn't going to be too pleased about this. Pippa may just end up in the Tower. Mind you NBC will be firing her,  almost as soon as they hired her.
Couldn't organize,
 a "PISS UP" in a brewery.

YUCK ..... Won't Work

Faux News employee and member of Alaskas' famed trailer park family. Bristol Palin. Is engaged to  Dakota Meyer. I really feel sorry for him But I smell a PR stunt in the making. By "I can see Russia from my kitchen window". Failed Vice President wannabe quitter Sarah Palin. Anyway it won't get to the alter.