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Showing posts from March 21, 2010

Lofty bosses aka idiots

The bosses at British Airways.
Need to get off the thrones,
in their ivory towers and start to take note.
The trolley dollies need the wage rise,
That they are seeking.
If the bosses don’t pay,
This will get very nasty.

Gaga's Old Baggage

Scumbag Rob Fusari,
Lady GaGa's ex.
Is suing the Diva,
claiming that he created her.
Lady GaGa I suggest.
You send this wanker your
parents telephone number.
Then let him tell them he created you.
Stand back and watch the feathers fly.

New juicy role for Lucy.

Brit actor Gary Lucy.
Is set to play the late Kurt Cobain,
of grunge rock group “ Nirvana”
A big departure from Garys’ clean cut image.
However he’ll rock it !
But wait till 2012 and the tell all book appears re Cortney Love.
She won't be happy...........