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Showing posts from June 21, 2011

Told Ya.........Paris.......

Friday, October 1, 2010What a BITCH............... Supertart Paris Hilton,  she who was arrested, the other week for having, cocaine in her handbag. Who was delivered, a slap on the hand for the offence.  But was placed on probation. Who was then banned from entering Japan. Was leaving a West Hollywood restaurant. Wednesday night........ With her current beau Cy Waits. Well he ran over the leg of a paparazzi. Then drove off..............
He'll drive away from the tart within the year "Lovely evening with friends and family ruined by aggressive paparazzi.  They are literally insane!" She needs to go to jail........ If only to learn some manners..........
Later returned without the Supertart. He was arrested and released. But just to show how out of touch this bitch is she tweeted.

What voice ????

Well, from the gift 
that keeps on giving.
The rumour mill 
is a buzz.....
Seems that Cheryl Cole 
is to be a apart of the 
UK version of 
"The Voice".
Does she have one?
The idea of the show is that four "PROFESSIONAL" 
Pick eight performers, 
who sing duets alongside each other.
Then they sing live to go through to the finals.
So she would be a judge ha ha ha ha.
How can she mentor anyone.
Whether or not she does the show........
Which I feel she won't.
But knowing how the producers work.
They may tempt her......

51yr old marries 16yr old.......

OK you right wing nut jobs. Who oppose marriage for all. Under the marriage is sacred mantra. Why are you lot not against this...... Doug Hurchinson 51yr old actor  marries  16yr old country singer Courtney Aleis Stodden. Is this how to keep marriage sacred as you claim..... Don't think so..... Simply perverted. MIND YOU IT WON'T LAST..... Make sure you take cover in 2012 when she releases her single.