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Showing posts from April 17, 2016

TOLD YA. more shaking to come .. Thursday, December 31, 2015 A Tad Earlier than stated 2016 Predictions Christian Dions’ Psychic Predictions 2016 (Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA). (Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT)  6 EARTHQUAKES Earthquakes loom large in 2016/7. I also feel that we here in California, better get our act together. I also sense that the next hurricane season will be not at all kind to us.

Alone in the woods ..

I just came across this pic of Orlando Bloom. Now I know that he's supposed to be dating,  Katy Perry. But, when I look at his pic. I get the feeling that not only,  is everything not right. With that relationship. Although I do feel that it is "REAL". Not a PR one. But he needs to sort himself out. He's personally lost.