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Showing posts from June 6, 2016

TOLD YA, He's at it again .. Sunday, May 1, 2016Happy May Day ????
So as the World Celebrates May Day. That "Nutter" that is also known as. Kim Jon Un. The looney leader of North Korea. He's planning another round of madness. Connected to May Day. Sadly, it's not Dancing Around The May Pole.

Yet again ...

Over the weekend this man,  Dallas Broncos Star Agib Taleb. Was shot in a Dallas strip club. At times laughingly called,  "Gentlmens' Clubs" Well let's point out to start with. There are,  NO GENTLEMEN,  in these places. (Before you all start I AM NOT A PRUDE). He's not the first, it's not his fault. He won't be the last. But when will these over paid idiots. Learn that with great things,  comes great responsibility. Maybe it will take the killing of a whole team. (The loss of the owners income may get a reaction) To get these men to behave. In the future perhaps. The clubs, could provide Social behavior classes, along with the pay checks. Just a thought ...

TOLD YA, Seems they are waiting till Friday ..
Sunday, June 5, 2016R.I.P , not for long ..sadly
As the Gentle Giant is laid to rest. On his way home. I hope he doesn't look back. At the Bloody Drama, that will erupt. The "Family". Will make the boxing sessions in the ring,  he had. Look like a kiddies Tea Party.

All is not well ...

Happily Richard Simmons. Has been released from hospital. Good. Not really,  he is sadly surrounded/controlled,  by a few really nasty people. Until, he manages to get rid of them. He stands no chance to return to normal. I don't see him doing so.