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Told YA..Beckhams knickers........., August 1, 2011
Team "Beckham", don't think so......... Rumours are rife in the soccer world. That David " Golden Balls " Beckham. Is going to buy a team in the  American MLS league. Can't see it myself,  not a good idea David. Mind you wait till he has to ask the wife  for the money. Ha ha....... He should design his own knickers,  that would make him money. 
But Summer 2012 will really upset him, when he's left out of the British Olympic team. Posted by THE FUTURIST at Monday, August 01, 2011

Told Ya...Tom Cruise troubled year.......
From my 2012 Predictions completed Dec 21st 2011
65. TOM CRUISE. Is in for a rough year on all fronts. Family matters and romantic life is in for a big shake up this year. As well his career taking quite a few hits.One of which will be related to 
his belief in Scientology. Which itself will be dealt some blows this year.

TOLD YA.........Surprise........., March 19, 2011 Silly Bitch....... Katie Price aka Jordan...... Is asking her latest beau  for now..... Leandro Penna........ to marry her....... Silly cow....... He can't speak or understand English, but there again neither can she. Could be the perfect match, then. Even when he asks her it won't work. Posted by THE FUTURIST at Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tarts or Hookers?

Boys & Girls here's the next generation  of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Kylie 14 & Kendall 16. Is it just me or do they look like streetwalkers? I thought that child slavery was illegal even  in Hollywood. I foresee a visit from child services very soon  to the Kadashian/Jenner compound.