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TOLD YA Three years later and they are still at it...... Monday, March 29, 2010 Gucci earplugs, I believe…. So the Pope says that , he won’t be intimidated, by all the criticism of his handling, of the latest sex scandal. (Wait till the 2012 sex scandal starts) Well if that doesn’t tell the World, that the Vatican never listens nothing will. This Pope is the beginning, of the end for the Catholic church. Seems to me the devil is at home, with the Holy C.

People please don't buy into their BULLSHIT.......

This is the image of   "The English Defense League". (If it wasn't so sad it wold be funny) They are using the recent terrible sick murder  of a truely brave soldier in London. to advance their cause. They don't care about the soldier or his family,  just their agenda. These people are a blend of the  Nazis/KKK,  with a splash of the skinhead nutters. They want to destroy Great Britain not rebuild it. Below is a pic of the co founder/chief Tommy Robinson. Not his real name. (note his necklace, speaks volumes) He is a thug, plain and simple.... One day very soon the truth about this hypocrite will emerge.