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TOLD YA, Twinkle Twinkle..., February 16, 2016
I see "RED" paint in her future. So selfish bitch Kim Kardashian-West. Has decided not just to be cruel to animals. She has also told PETA to "PISS Off". Well she better be ready for the backlash. Plus she involves her sprog in the madness. Someone please call child services. Clearly she'll be voting Trump...
She should avoid splashing around the sparkles,
 in Paris & London.


Some of you have been wondering where,  Paris Hilton has been hiding. Well, She's been singing for her supper. Apparently old, rich, foreign men. Pay her mega bucks, to sing just one song. Seems they can't bare an encore. Mind you I didn't realize that singing,  was the World's oldest profession !!