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Not to spoil your Sunday Dinner..

Bonus BF Meme .. in case you are missing him...

TOLD YA Saudi Royals ARRESTED, December 31, 2015
A Tad Earlier than stated 2016 Predictions

Christian Dions’ Psychic Predictions 2016 (Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA). (Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT) 
As many of you know for the past few years. 
I have done Predictions for the year ahead. Some Funny. Some Not. Some Serious. Some Crazy. Some Sad. Some Fluff. Well, this year things are little different. As we know 2015 was a little rough,  to say the least. So in light of that. There is no way. With a clear mind/Spirit. That I can do that this year. As the things that I have been seeing. Are too….. AWFUL. To be able to do the normal. So what follows. Is more like a letter to 2016,as well as to the people of this Planet. To tell, what I see. To hope that someone,  somewhere will take. Perhaps just a little notice. So that maybe. Along with prayer, & good thoughts. “WE”, can change what, is ready to blossom. In the year to come. Perh…

Has to be the quickest TOLD YA EVER.

TOLD YA, Now her lot are reaching across the AISLE HA HA You can't fly high enough, Madam.... April 25th 2017
Theresa May PM, must think we are all stupid. The only reason that she called,  an Election in the UK Isn't to do with Brexit. Or anything so....... ordinary. She did it to head off. A scandal that's about to break in the media. That will make the "Profumo" affair in the 1960's. Look like a trip to Disneyland. Keep your eyes peeled.....

To all the UK Gang...

BF Sunday Meme of the day...

My bet he's going to do the "Slant Eyed" insult.. Or if he's feeling kind... The "MY Yellow friend" Slur.

TOLD YA, Yet another "Page" turn... at me, Look at me........May 12, 2017 I hope that the idiot that is Carter Page. Some ex reality Tv Star/Real Estate mogul. Has a good bullet proof suit. He's putting himself,  into the crosshairs from all sides.