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Import first, export second...

Here's a riddle for you all.
Not, that I'll give you the answer though.
Most, do think that Corona19.
Came from Easten Seas.
But, how about you imported it there.
Think of who likes to sell.
Never pay, many bills.
Then you are very close.
To whom to blame, for present day.
When history writes what is what.
Font will be in Orange, sure.
Then they will have to pay.

I keep hearing NO ONE Predicted Corona ?

2019 Predictions........

December 31, 2018
Christian Dion’s  Psychic Gossip Predictions 2019…  Completed 12/30/18 
Blackpool UK As those that know.  A couple of years ago I didn’t do yearly predictions. As they were very dark. Well, almost same this year.  So dark, I almost didn’t do any.  But then a thought.  Do them Nostradamus style.  So here they are. 
In the East the winds are strong.
Making clear that man. Is wrong.
Mind you West,don’t be smug.
Or, you may not last too long.   31
Gotham City, stands so proud. Looking skywards, but not to ground. There’s a problem brewing fast. Won’t catch this one, before the blast.
High streets are heading for a fall. Major problems, more and more. Don’t believe the government hype. Only worse from side to side.

Sicopahant Saturday

Rub, a Dub Dub.....

Another actor mentioned on here before. I sense tha he's still under spell.  Of the owner of an Aladdins Lamp. Zac Efron should be very careful how he rubs it. Or he will find himself on skid row. This time though not as a voyuer. But as a resident.......