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Доброго ранку

TOLD YA.. Now the WIFE.... Melania Trump details in tell all...Stephanie Winston Wolkoff !!!
Worst month of Trumps life ever so far...

August 01, 2020

 I have been very good,
 leaving Babyfart alone.
But as we enter August.
I just have to let you know. That August is going to be fun for us... But very, very bad for Trump... Along with his group of Grifters...
We will see him really start to fall apart... As his ratings drop... Covid-19 explodes... Wall St, well just wait and see... NOT GOOD AT ALL...  'Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff 
SEPT 1st 2020 order yours now...