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Lunar Eclispe 26th June

A dear friend has asked me to take a look at the 
Lunar Eclipse which will happen,
26thJune 2010. But before I do. 
I have to make it clear that I am not an Astrologer.
So these thoughts won’t be ,
Astrologers point of view. It will be  a Psychic point of view. Now that’s clear here goes.
The Lunar eclipse on 26thJune 2010, 
is in fact one of two. The second, takes place on 21st December 2012……… Now that one rings a bell to a lot of people. As it happens to be on the very day, that the Mayan calendar ends.
Now I don’t believe that the World,
will end on 12.21.2012.
But I do get the feeling that from the 26th June 2010. Many things will start to fall into place that will set in motion. Many different, exciting and weird changes.
Some of which will make people very nervous …… So they should be. For far too long we have gone along a path of life, that has been far too mean and selfish.
We should take note, 
NOW....... The heavens are giving us a warning, along with an opportunity to begin to put things right…