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Showing posts from May 10, 2010

Truth will out, in time.....

So Andrew Cowles, telling his version.
Of what happened the night his husband,
Stephen Gately, of "Boyzone" fame died.
The problem is, it is his "version"
However, one day the true version,
will be told to his family.
Then watch the feathers fly.

Tea with Lillibet for Gary.........

Seems "Take That" boy band member  Gary Barlow.
Has been rubbing elbows, with the Queen.
The real one.
(Not those that manage boy bands).
She wants him to be her party planner.
For two big events.
Her 82nd birthday in 2011.
The other her Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Hope her QE2's hubby makes it that far. Hubby's health needs to be watched at Xmas.
I smell a knighthood. For Gary.  Or at least an OBE for starters....