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Showing posts from November 27, 2012

Clearly BRAINWASHED.......

Actor Angus T Jones  who plays the son/nephew in  Two and a Half Men. Who has appeared on a video with the  nut job leader of the cult. Forerunner Church. Who believes that Pres Obama is Hitler.!!!!!!! Claiming that  Two and a half Men  is vile etc etc. Needs help. Someone needs to step in. Where's the parents. These Cult nutjobs are just after his money. How about the producers of the show  get him some help. Or this will end in the Mortuary.

Warning signs........

Demi Lovato  pictured above how pretty. So she just added her 13th tattoo. Now not that I am against tattoos. But for someone this you to already  have this much ink. When they live in the public eye,  as well as making their living from  TV & movies. This is a sign to be taken note of. By someone around her that she will listen to. Otherwise we are going to have another  Lindsay Lohan. (one is enough)

Told Ya.he's a Birk........ Friday, May 21, 2010 "BIRK" head's........yard sale......
Larry "Birk"head,
father of the late Anna Nicole Smith's,
daughter Dannilyn.
Is selling off Anna's stuff.
What a prick.
He should save it for Dannilyn.
Then when she's eighteen,
she could decide.But just wait till he puts Dannilyn to work. It's all about the MONEY. Posted by Christian Dion at Friday, May 21, 2010