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So Teresa Giudice of RHONJ............. Is telling everyone within earshot and beyond. That she didn't think that she was going to go to jail. When she agreed to the plea deal. She is also blaming her lawyer,  for the fact she's going to jail. No bitch, you are going to jail because you and your scumbag hubby are CROOKS. You got caught. OWN IT. Also stop telling the World,  you are worried for your children. You clearly weren't thinking about them,  when you went on your crime spree. I know I said the other day,  that her Hubby will do a runner. I am sticking to that. But I wouldn't be surprised. If we "SEE" a "Mental Breakdown". On the filming of the next round of RHONJ. As she tries to avoid clinky.

For God's sake..............

Will someone please step in and get  Amanda Bynes some proper help. Before she kills herself, or someone else. Or both. She is clearly mentally ill.