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Hello My Darlings I was wondering if you could do me a favour? If you look to the right of the Blog. You'll see a FOLLOW feature. Now the powers that be,  that monitor ratings. They seem to think that due to the fact,   I only have 53 registered Followers.

That I don't get the thousands of hits I do daily. (Thanks to you all) So I was wondering if you could hit,  the Follow Button.As well as the Google one. (It's free & easy) That'll show em. Lots Luv CD xx

Half Way .

Friday, April 17, 2015
TAX REFUND EMAIL READING TREAT..... So many of you missed the Email reading special.
You have also asked if we could repeat it.
So, as a way to treat yourself with your tax refund.
Now Tax day has passed.
Here's the deal.
Normally a 3 question email reading is $50 USD.
These readings normally take 48 hrs to get your reply.
But as a treat.
Christian  will answer  6 questions for $50 USD.

This is how it works.
You send your 6 questions along,
 with a recent head & shoulders photo.

You send your $50 USD payment via paypal.
(They walk you through the process).

As we mentioned before these readings normally take 48 hrs.
But with the rush.
We ask you to allow 76hrs.
Thank You.

Now you could get together with a friend,
send 3 questions each.
But remember to send a photo of both of you.
Stating who's who.
You could even have three of you send 2 questions each.
You get the idea.

We can only take payment via paypal.

Wrong choice ...

So Kim Richards of RHOBH "Fame". Went to talk to Dr Phil. About her problems. In order to save her "career" Since when did being a spoilt rich bitch,  constitute being a career? Oh Well. She needs to see a real Dr. To save her life Or she'll need a mortician.