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It's going to be a Hell of a week...

Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas.

Actors. Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas. It is said are dating. Well, she has met his kids & dogs. Looks like the cliche family. All so normal. Well , not so quick. As much I wish this relationship.  To work... So that Mr Affleck. Could truly get his life back on track. Especially the drinking. Along with the compulsive gambling. So that he could be the great. Actor & Director he is. SHE IS NOT THE ONE TO MAKE THIS BE... SHE IS A MASTER MANIPULATOR...   SHE HAS A MOVIE OUT SOON... SO FULL ON PR JOB... ONCE SHE GETS ALL...  WHAT SHE WANTS.... FROM THIS RELATIONSHIP... SHE'LL BOLT... THEN SADLY  MR AFFLECK... WILL BE BACK  TO HIS  SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOUR... So if you wish to start a Prayer Circle for him. Let me know.