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TOLD YA, Another direction, perhaps ?
Friday, November 27, 2015Another PR BS promo ..
So now the PR machine in Hollywierd. Wants you to believe that Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid are dating. Yeah right. LOL......... Must be a slow day in the PR World.

I have No Idea..... but it's dropped, apparently........ This is my "God "BITCH" Daughter" B.B.James. But that's not what I call her ha ha. The above link is to her music which is now on iTunes. It's very catchy. So lets get this in the charts. As she has to earn enough money. To buy me a Bentley. She thinks iI want a Ferrari. Changed my mind.
ps She's half Yorkie. The better half........

Gobble, gobble ...

Late Weds night into Early Thurs morning. Justin Bieber & Rita Ora. Went out on a"Date" separately to start. Then together later. So are we supposed to believe,  that his is a relationship. Really.... Well it was in a club inWEHO. The biggest Gay get in the USA. Just a clue. But if they want us to believe it. Why cover their faces. Maybe it was JB's make up artiste night off.... Certainly was his stylist, day off. As usual this is just a PR ploy. He needs good PR. She needs PR. Won't see Thanksgiving.