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Told Ya..NOTW more arrests.........
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 "In my own words..." Piers Morgan.... Well, well, well the  Murdoch hearings in London. One of the government committee members. Brought to light the fact. That Piers Morgan,  brags in his own book,  in his own words. That he got his scoops by phone hacking. While he worked at the  "News Of The World" Can't wait till the powers that be at CNN, have to deal with this one. The beginning of the end.  Just wait till ex reporters start spilling the beans.

Roberta Caocci

Watch out Hollywood, Stunning actress Roberta Caocci 
is new in town. She's going to be a big Star. You heard it here first..........

Told YA.....141 and counting Mr Rush.......
Told Ya.....Two radio stations start the Rush......
Thursday, March 11, 2010 Rush to donate for a one way ticket. Rush Limbaugh, says he is going
to leave the good old USA.
To live in Costa Rica !
Now although I feel sorry
for the good people of Costa Rica.
Doesn’t it warm the cockles of your heart?
Sad though it won’t happen, damn !
But 2012 will be the time his career begins to fall apart. Posted by at Thursday, March 11, 2010