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Christian Dion  The Seer’s  2013 Predictions (Completed Dec 19th 2012) 45         Jimmy Savillesex case, well if you think it’s been bad so far, just wait as we go through 2013 month by month more and more Celebrities will be dragged into it, you will be really shocked at some of the names, great fodder for the tabloids.


Thursday, August 18, 2011Coulson to "Clinky" and Cameron out.... (not the closet) So as the plot thickens  and the lies unfold. Andy " Naughty Boy " Coulson. will be thrown under the bus. Then sent to clinky. But the best bit is it will implicate  Old PM David Cameron.
To such an extent that he'll just have to go. Coming to a TV near you. Stay tuned...... Posted by Christian Dionat 

Opens in Blackpool July 4th...

My pal Richard Shelton. He of "Emmerdale Farm" fame. Is opening his tour  " The Main Event" In Blackpool  ( my home town) July 4th. Go see it. It's going to be a hit. Coming to the States soon. My other pal  Clive Chennery  is the producer. Two for the price of one ha ha.

Happy 4th or as we call it in my house " Losers Day "