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Showing posts from May 25, 2010

In Wshington, it's called lobbying.......

So everybody is having a go,
at the Duchess Of York.
aka Fergie.......
For making a deal to introduce.
A guy she thought was a business man,
to her ex hubby Prince Andrew.
For a fee, granted a big one.
This goes on in business all the time.
It's called an introduction fee.
How many of those throwing stones.
Do exactly the same thing I wonder.

Back to school....

Jon & Kate Gosselin.
Have been ordered by a judge,
to attend parenting school.
Complete waste of time.
Why? they already have eight children.
If they haven't learned to parent by now.
They never will, school or no school. The good news is though the show will get canned in 2011.