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Told Ya Randy gets the chop......
Friday, June 25, 2010 Judge Who?? American Idol runner Up Clay Aiken. Wants Simon Cowell's old judging job. Personally I think one lesbian, on the panel is quite enough. I think either Lady Gaga, or Adam Lambert, should get the job  anyway. Randy Jackson needs to watch his back in 2012. As he is in real danger of getting the chop. 
Then rehired again... Posted by Christian Dion at


Lucy Lui is to star in a modern twist on  Sherlock Holmes. She will play Dr Joan Watson,  Sherlock's side kick. In " Elementary " If the powers that be give it a chance it'll be a massive hit. Starts Sept 27th on CBS.

Told Ya, She's at it again blaming others...
Tuesday, August 7, 2012 Don't worry..... I know that you can't believe that  Lindsay Lohan  has been so quite for a little while. But don't fret. She's going to mess up big time before  the years end. This time she won't get away with it.