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Showing posts from April 14, 2013

So this is what love looks like.....

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson  of Twilight fame. Are shown above. Now if this is what young looks like, I give up. I'm not sure which one of them looks the most uncomfortable. But they sure don't look happy or in love. Great job PR team. Now even the blind can see that this is a  fake relationship.

Told YA Biebers losing the plot.......

Justin Bieber shows how classless and ignorant he really is.  By insulting Anne Frank.
Now the cracks really are appearing...... March 7th 2013  This kid is so far gone towards the edge  of the cliff. He's in danger of falling off..... If he does he'll never get back up. PARENT?
Posted by at Monday, April 08, 2013

Charge it.Justin goes into the Credit biz

My favourite Lesbian Justin "Spoil Brat" Bieber. Has gone into the credit/debit card business. With a company called Spendsmart. He's been paid $3.5 million,  to put his mush on the card. Plus he'll get a bonus. The card of course is aimed at the  "tweenie biebers". This is such a bad move. It'll back fire very badly. Someone in his PR team needs a pink slip