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Coming Soon

TOLD YA A different type of ORANGE..

Awaiting his 3rd wish to come true .. July 28, 2015
So while Nick Gordon,  fakes tears & grief /etc. For his heartbreak. He's waiting for his  3rd wish to come true. Wish One:  Date/Marry  Bobbi Kistina . DONE Wish Two: She Dies......DONE Wish Three: Receive the check ............... "NOT GOING TO HAPPEN"
I hope he likes Orange .

Someone hit her on the head....

So, while on a break (over six weeks). Megain "ME" Markle, has decided. Nay, drecreed, that we all need a new newpaper. For, her to tell us how to live, etc. Well, considering the job shes done so far.. It's going to be a bust... But, a first day edition. Would be fun for the bathroom...